Scholarships are available to help NHRID members pay for workshops related to interpreting. Applications can be made in writing or via video. All applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made on an open cycle, first come, first served basis. Any NHRID member in good standing for at least 6 months can make a request. The committee will make quarterly reports to the general membership about applications and awards that were made in any given quarter. The process is not anonymous. Reports will include names and amounts.

NHRID will set aside $1,000 annually to the scholarship fund. All approved requests will be funded up to 50% of the workshop fee with a maximum of $200 per workshop. The maximum granted to any one member during a twelve month period is $200.

NHRID will pay the conference registration fee in full for the NHRID President (or designee) to attend the National RID Conference and the Region I Conference. The NHRID representative will attend all the standard and required meetings.


After the scholarship committee has approved the funds they will send a reminder to the member to give back to the organization and the community. The committee can send a brief list of suggestions: join a NHRID committee, teach a local professional development workshop, run for office, or volunteer.

ITP Students

There will be one student membership awarded annually to an interpreting student.


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Scholarship Committee:
Lianne Moccia (chair), Lanie Wagenblast, Julie O’Meara