NHRID General Meeting Group Photo


Day Date Time Location
Tuesday Dec. 4, 2018

Snow: Dec. 6, 2018

6 pm – 9 pm UNHM room 502
88 Commercial St.
Manchester, NH
Saturday March 23, 2019

Snow: March 30, 2019

9 am – 12 pm TBD
Tuesday June 18, 2019 6 pm – 9 pm TBD

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the meeting for our “Meet & Greet.” The Meet and Greet is a half hour “social” that is open to all members but specifically designed for new members, ITP students or others that want to take the time to meet NHRID board members and other working interpreters.

Remember: our meetings are open to the public, so please spread the word!

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