Certification Explanation

Certificates Awarded by RID

(Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf)

NIC National Interpreter Certification
CI Certificate of Interpretation
CT Certificate of Transliteration
CSC Comprehensive Skills Certificate
RSC Reverse Skills Certificate
CDI Certified Deaf Interpreter
IC Interpretation Certificate
TC Transliteration Certificate
COI Certificate of Interpretation (awarded by AVLIC)
OTC Oral Transliterating Certficate
OIC Oral Interpreting Certificate
SC:L Specialist Certificate: Legal

Certificates awarded by ACCI/NAD (American Consortium of Certified Interpreters)

[formerly awarded through the National Association of the Deaf]

ACCI/NADV level 5
ACCI/NADIV level 4

State Screening

NHICS NH Interpreter Classification System
MCDHH Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing state screening
SDI State Screened Deaf Interpreter (awarded by MCDHH)